March 30th 2024



Product Improvements / 31st March 2024

  1. Select Vendors to track

    You can now select which vendors you wish to track and allow to show and used within Puppet Vendors and which ones you would like to ignore. Learn more

  1. Vendor Subscription or Paywall

    You can now charge your vendors to give them access to the vendor portal. Increase revenue by earning from subscriptions and also field higher quality vendors onto your platform with controls like trial and grace periods and customizable feature lists. This is a FREE upgrade for all customers already on the payouts add-on.

    Learn more

  1. Redesigned payout capability for vendors

    Your vendors can now enjoy the same simplified workflows and enhanced visibility into payment statuses. This was previously only available for you but it is now also available for vendors.

  1. Control on Payouts for fulfilled or all orders

    Depending on your business, you may want to only pay your vendors when an order is fulfilled. This is now possible in payout settings on the payouts page.Β 

  1. Vendor Collections Sync

    Historically, for products to show up on your Shopify collections page, you had to manually create collections and as you add new vendors, this process can be tedious and not scalable. The team has worked hard to make the creation and maintenance of vendor collections automated for you.Β 

    This option is available for you under the profile tab in settings.

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