Follow new updates and improvements to Puppet Vendors.

July 1st 2024



  1. Infrastructure upgrade

    Due to the influx of new merchants onto the platform, there has been some syncing from when an order is received to when new order email notifications are sent to vendors. This issue is now resolved and designed to scale as the platform grows. You can also expect to see improved speeds when using the platform.

  1. Data Accuracy

    The team has been on a hunt to nail down any edge cases in the system to improve reliability and data accuracy. This is an ongoing endeavor that the team is taking very seriously and will continue to see improvements.


Last month, we rolled out OneClick login to help mitigate any ongoing merchant/vendor log-in issues that might exist on the platform. However, we soon realized that this wasn't working well for us based on the incoming support requests from both vendors and merchants and we quickly decided to revert to the old system and went back to the drawing board to start over.

The process has been painful but it was something that had to be done. We have learned to keep things simple and have made significant improvements to the new and upcoming log-in system which will be rolled out later this month. There will be no changes or actions required from your end. The new system should just work out of the box.

May 15th 2024




  1. OneClick Log in and Impersonation (Log in as vendor)

    We have overhauled the login capability for you and your vendors with a OneClick login experience where a single link will allow you secure access to the app. You can also bookmark it for direct access.

    In addition, a vendor account is no longer required to view your vendor's dashboard. Impersonation allows you to easily switch to see any of your vendor's dashboards in a single click.

  1. Retry a failed payout using a different payout method

    You can now update the payout method and comment for a failed payout that was retried outside of the app.

    Learn more

  1. Vendor Subscription - Yearly plan option now available

    The newly released Vendor Subscription now supports a yearly plan.

    Learn more

March 30th 2024



  1. Select Vendors to track

    You can now select which vendors you wish to track and allow to show and used within Puppet Vendors and which ones you would like to ignore. Learn more

  1. Vendor Subscription or Paywall

    You can now charge your vendors to give them access to the vendor portal. Increase revenue by earning from subscriptions and also field higher quality vendors onto your platform with controls like trial and grace periods and customizable feature lists. This is a FREE upgrade for all customers already on the payouts add-on.

    Learn more

  1. Redesigned payout capability for vendors

    Your vendors can now enjoy the same simplified workflows and enhanced visibility into payment statuses. This was previously only available for you but it is now also available for vendors.

  1. Control on Payouts for fulfilled or all orders

    Depending on your business, you may want to only pay your vendors when an order is fulfilled. This is now possible in payout settings on the payouts page.Β 

  1. Vendor Collections Sync

    Historically, for products to show up on your Shopify collections page, you had to manually create collections and as you add new vendors, this process can be tedious and not scalable. The team has worked hard to make the creation and maintenance of vendor collections automated for you.Β 

    This option is available for you under the profile tab in settings.

February 14th 2024



Support for additional languages in the vendor portal. We now support 12 where we previously supported 8. Newly added languages are listed below.

  • Korean (KO)

  • Japanese (JA)

  • Polish (PL)

  • Turkish (TR)

We are also looking to support Portuguese (PT).

New languages are welcome. Simply reach out to our support.

February 14th 2024


Signup form

  • Vendor signup form now supports file upload type. This allows you to request for business documents, form submissions, design uploads, etc.

February 12th 2024



  • Merchant's brand name is now displayed on Bulk Product actions pop-up which was historically PuppetVendors.

February 9th 2024


Roll-out of the new Payouts Add-on - V2

  • Improved default aggregated views grouped by vendors

  • Payouts are separated by Paid and Unpaid status with the ability to see line item level details

  • Add adjustments on the spot or for the next payout with ease

  • Ignore or remove item from payout with ease

  • Access to historical payouts

September 14th 2023



  • Multi-lingual Vendor Portal: Dutch and Spanish Added

    PuppetVendors now support Dutch and Spanish languages and these are added as language options under the Settings tab.

  • The simplified Pricing Page now comes with a user-friendly layout and transparent pricing information.

  • Set Commissions by Product allows merchants to set specific commission rates for individual products by going to Settings > Commissions > By Product.Β  From here, one can add commissions, edit, or delete based on your chosen product

  • Vendor-Level Discount Switching discounts were added under the Manage Vendors sub-tab so these can now be applied on a per-vendor basis.Β  To do this, click the Vendor name under the Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile) sub-tab found under the Vendors tab and hit the Bulk Action button.Β  The Discounts segment will appear as the last option in the pop-up window and you can tick the option to exclude discounts during commission calculations.

September 3rd 2023



  • Automated Reporting

    allows merchants to schedule Automated Sales Reports for their vendors on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. They can select their vendor and the schedule and all is set.

  • Automated Payouts - Early Access

    is to enable merchants to pay their vendors automatically either via PayPal or Stripe on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  • Feature to publish to one or more sales channels

    allows access to a list of sales channels like Online Store, POS or any 3rd party installed to allow merchants to set default publishing channels for when products are pushed from PV.

July 10th 2023



  • Vendor Tags to identify Vendors - Allows merchants to identify their vendors/sellers using the product tag instead of the vendor field. Please reach out to us to enable it for you.

  • Products Module V2

    Previously, only the draft option is available. Merchants can now approve and push products directly to live status. This latest version gives a brand new look with massive speed and Shopify syncing improvements.

  • New Public API

    The public API will only be available for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus customers. This gives programmatic access to all merchant data and merchants replicating the vendor portal to fit their needs. Public API documentation is now available here.