September 14th 2023



Product Improvements / 15th September 2023

  • Multi-lingual Vendor Portal: Dutch and Spanish Added

    PuppetVendors now support Dutch and Spanish languages and these are added as language options under the Settings tab.

  • The simplified Pricing Page now comes with a user-friendly layout and transparent pricing information.

  • Set Commissions by Product allows merchants to set specific commission rates for individual products by going to Settings > Commissions > By Product.Β  From here, one can add commissions, edit, or delete based on your chosen product

  • Vendor-Level Discount Switching discounts were added under the Manage Vendors sub-tab so these can now be applied on a per-vendor basis.Β  To do this, click the Vendor name under the Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile) sub-tab found under the Vendors tab and hit the Bulk Action button.Β  The Discounts segment will appear as the last option in the pop-up window and you can tick the option to exclude discounts during commission calculations.

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